Alpha Epsilon Delta - Louisiana IOTA Chapter


AED 1st Annual Bass Classic Fundraiser: Proceeds to go to LSUS School of Mathematics and Science

LSU-S is one of only two local universities that graduate students with a Bachelor’s degree. The average number of seniors that graduate with a science degree is 80. The Science Department is unique in that it is able to offer many undergraduate students the opportunity to get hands on experience in research laboratories. Faculty and students having been researching the cause behind certain cancers, as well as, new chemical treatments for cancer. Certain plant species have been invading the local lakes, so faculty and students have been researching control options to keep our lakes healthy. Unfortunately, the state has made many budget cuts that have affected the ability of the School of Mathematics and Science to run as effectively as it has in the past. Due to budget cuts, there is not enough money to supply the labs adequately, class sizes have increased dramatically because adjunct faculty positions have been eliminated, and faculty are unable to attend professional meetings to stay on the cutting edge of their fields due to a lack of travel money.

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